5 Best Netflix series 2020!!! , Which you must watch on Netflix

Lockdown is going to boring now and looking for some Netflix series for free then please visit us today and watch the best Netflix series to get your boring time into fun.

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In this time of lockdown and global pandemic, we all are stucked at home, and cannot do our regular things like we used to do and obviously we all are bored as hell.. and after doing some minor works, many people don’t know what to do in remaining day

So we can only entertain ourselves with mobile phones, TV serials and web series , But a huge thanks to our beloved DD network fir telecasting our favourite shows, which keep us entertain, But still the question is same , what to do in remaining day…

Soo.., Don’t worry about that, I’m here with 5 Best Netflix series of 2020 which you Must You Watch These Best 5 Netflix Series
 so without any other talk Here’s the list for you.
Note – Below order is not according to ratings and all Series are mentioned randomly..
IMDb – 8.2/10

Rotten tomatoes – 87%
Lucifer series is one of the best series on Netflix directed by Len Wiseman, starring Tom Ellis as Lucifer And Lauren German as chloe decker, Series was entirely shot in Los Angeles
This series is mainly based on the life of the Devil and King of the Hell, Lucifer, when he took a vacation from his post in Hell and stepped on Earth in Los Angeles, owned a Night club And suddenly or by God’s plan encountered with Detective decker, while solving the murder case of one of his followers and a model, And after that Lucifer get a Job a public consultant in LAPD, and started solving case with Detective Decker..
Currently Lucifer series has 4 seasons, and 4th season was said to be the last season of this series,but after the continuous requests of fans, Netflix and Director Len Wiseman decided to shoot another season, which was supposed to air in May, But after this pandemic, Now the exact release date is not confirmed.. 
I recommend everyone to watch this series as it is the best..
2. Stranger things
IMDb – 8.8/10

Rotten tomatoes – 93%
Stranger things series is another best series on Netflix directed by Shawn Levy, starring Millie Bobby Brown as Eleven/Ell , Finn wolfhard as Mike wheeler , Noah schnapp as will Byers , Gaten Matarazzo as Dustin , Caleb McLaughlin as Lucas, and many other characters and all have done great work..
The entire series is based on a small town Hawkins, A small happy town with very little crime, But chaos started when U.S Government Lab situated in Hawkins started a bizzare experiment with a little girl named Eleven, as a consequence of which a gate between two dimensions opened and a monster stepped in our world and kidnapped Will, After that his friends started to search him, as they were sure that he is alive, and in this search , they met with Eleven, who has special mind powers and helped them in their search and finally They rescued will Byers from monster ,But will developed a connection between himself and other dimension, where he get to know about real mind behind the monsters and then they start their journey to close the gate properly..
Currently this series has 3 seasons, and next season is officially announced and shooting has started, so do Binge watch this series..

3. Dark.

IMDb – 8.7/10

Rotten tomatoes – 94%

Dark series is a half true series directed by Baran bo Odar. Starring Louis Hoffman as Jonas.

This series is also based in a small town and a fail scientific experiment., Which lead to opening of a time traveling door inside a cave, and due to consequence of which , the younger brother of Jonas, somehow croosed the gate and travelled to another time. And Jonas started his search everywhere, and In the search They get to know different facts about door and some shocking secrets of his father and family.

Honestly the series is so confusing, so if you will watch this series, Then watch it with proper concentration.

Currently only 2 seasons are aired on Netflix, and no official announcement of next season is done..

But I definitely recommend this series to everyone.

4. Messiah

IMDb – 7.7/10

Rotten tomatoes – 44%
Messiah is one of the most controversial Netflix series and Director Kate Woods confirms that This series was meant to be controversial Insider. 
Messiah series starring Mehdi Dehbi as Al-Messiah is based on the wars in Islamic countries and cities like Jerusalem.
In this, A stranger suddenly appeared during a war and claims to be massenger of God and said that Allah will finish this war and by sudden miracle a sandstorm hit the ground, which forced the enemy forces to leave. After that people started calling him Al-Messiah and started following him, who guide them to the border of Israel, where Al-Messiah got arrested but after sometime he suddenly disappeared from the cell, which attracted the US government, who started investigation this case. The stranger started to show in different Holy places, everytime with different miracle, But the strange thing is that, everytime when a disaster happened, He magically appears at every place at the exact time, and starts to do miracles.
This series is entirely based on prophecy of Holy Bible and Quran that Dajjal will step on earth and starts to show miracles and act like God and starts to gather following.
In entire series it is not clear that whether the stranger is Messiah (Massenger of God) or the Dajjal.
Do tell me in comments what you think about this prophecy.
And This series is Binge worthy, so give it a chance.
5. Death note (anime series)

IMDb – 9/10

Rotten tomatoes – 100%

Hey there, anime fans..
Rating is obviously giving all the hints that this series is beyond amazing.
As everyone know that anime series are always mind-blowing and this series is the perfect example of that.
There is a similar movie like this series, but i will not cover that because that movie is not that interesting.
In this series, God of Death, drop his book named death note. Which will get found by a boy named Elite, Firstly he didn’t understand the concept of book, But then he gets to know that, The person whose name will be written on that book will die. So he thought of using it in good way by killing all the criminals and make the world better, but the power of book made that boy something evil, which lead to uncertain deaths, which attracted the attention of a private detective El. 
El didn’t revealed his full name, so that death note will not be used in him. 
So In entire series El try to get the possession of book, at a point El disguised a person as himself who unfortunately get killed by that boy.
But in the end somehow a boy tamoered the book , which lead to death of the Elite.
I strongly recommend this series to everyone in lockdown.
Now I have not properly explained the full stories of series as it will ruin all the fun.
But I recommend all of you to much watch these 5 NETFLIX series
But if you want a seperate article on any series then do let me know in comments or if you want me to make a youtube channel to explain these series then also write in comments.
And Now with this list is over and these all were the series, and Must You Watch These Best 5 Netflix Series

peace ☮️
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